The 3-Step Plan® is like a mini-franchise designed to help you start your own home business. It is so simple, we believe we can help almost anyone make more money working at home.

Why the 3-Step Plan®?

  1. A successful track record. We have helped thousands of families successfully start their own home-based business.

  2. We bring the customers to you. It is a lot easier to build a business when you have a continual supply of customers calling you!

  3. Low start-up costs. You can get your business started for less than the cost of a decent vacuum cleaner.

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Free Samples! Free Video!

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you Free Samples of some of our products and a FREE video that will show you step by step how you can earn $700, $3,000 or even more extra money every month by building your own home business with the 3-Step Plan.

Hear Reports From Current 3-Step Members!

Unemployment to early retirement
From foreclosure to five acres
High stress to high income
Worship team works from home
Immigrant finds American dream
Quit his job after only six months
Doubled their retirement income
Salesman gets life back
Never too old to make it big

New Internet Marketing System!

Our new Internet technology is making it possible for almost anyone to earn extra money working part time from home! This is a major game changer! If you have a computer and can send out email this system could have you building your own home business and earning money in 2 days or less!

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Fill out the form below to get a free video that will show you step by step how you could start your own home business and start earning extra money using your telephone and the Internet.

You will learn what industries are hot and how to benefit from current economic trends.

You won’t have to invest a lot of money. You won’t have to stock store or deliver products and you won’t have to try to talk your friends and relatives into anything. You choose your own hours so you can work your business around your family responsibilities.

The 3-Step Plan® is not a work-at-home "job" that pays by the hour. It’s a 3-step system designed entirely to help you develop your own independent business with unlimited potential.

Just fill out the brief form below, and one of our 3-Step Plan members, not a salesman, but a regular person just like you will call. They will share why they chose the 3-Step Plan and then send you a FREE VIDEO explaining how you can start earning extra money right away.

Also as a FREE gift to you, as soon as you submit your contact information you will be able to download a copy of the business report "If You Don't Have a Home-Based Business, Start One Today!" by nationally known author and business consultant Sandy Botkin. Sandy is a CPA and an attorney. In this report he explains how a stay-at-home mom with a home-based business could increase her take-home pay almost 13 times over what she could make as an employee working for someone else.

P. S. We have been in business for over 10 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have never & will never sell your information. A nice person will call.

See what others are saying about The 3-Step Plan®

Auto Mechanic & Hairstylist Gain Freedom!

"The 3 Step Plan works! It allows us to work with other people with the same family values that we have. The 3 Step Plan has allowed us more time and financial freedom, something we didn't have when we were working jobs as an Auto mechanic and Hairstylist." - John and Gina

Our dream was to work together!

"We had a dream of working together. We felt stuck in a dead end situation and were looking for an exit strategy. We wanted something with a simple system that we could fit into our busy schedules that would allow us to create the extra income and work together. The 3-Step Plan marketing system provided the answer for us." - Cliff and Lisa

Retired School Teacher learns how to work from home.

"I am a retired school teacher with an adult special needs daughter. Retirement means a fixed income but the cost of living continues to rise and working outside the home with specific hours is not an option. Using the 3Step Plan allows me the freedom to work from home, and still have the flexibility to drop everything and take care of my family." - Patty